0°Locking Block Sets
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Remember the following points as you position multiple components:

• All the components are positioned together without any relative movement between one another.

• You can define constraints for multiple components in the same manner as you do for a single component.

• You can add one or more components for positioning even as the Position tool is active. The added component immediately gets the transformation that the other components are sharing.

• If you have selected 2 or more components for positioning, you cannot deselect any of them until they are positioned.

• You can move and reposition multiple components as one unit using the handles of the dragger. While dragging a linear handle, you can snap the components to a geometric reference and constrain them.

• If you add one or more components to a positioned multiple component set, any constraints that were applied earlier while positioning the components are cleared.


1. Can solve the 0° locking block sets’ slot processing problem effectively.

2. Apply to plastic mold which has very high demand about plastic product’s quality and tolerance of specification.

3. Material: YK30(HRC58~60°)