China Gear Pump, Gear Oil Pump Wear Repair Solution
After the gear pump is used for a period of time, sometimes there are some minor problems. Although it does not affect the production, the working efficiency of the gear pump will drop significantly. If the small problem is not solved, the gear oil pump will not work or be scrapped. The China Gear Pump talks about some faults and solutions after the drive shaft and bushing wear.

When the spindle bushing wears, the matching clearance will increase, the pressure inside the pump will decrease, and the oil pump output will become smaller. We can restore the normal fit clearance by repairing the drive shaft or bushing. If the drive shaft wears slightly, simply press the old bushing and replace it with a standard size bushing to match the clearance to the allowable range. If the drive shaft and bushing are severely worn and the clearance is severely exceeded, the bushing must be replaced, and the drive shaft should be chromed or vibrated to increase its diameter, then ground to standard size, and the bushing is restored. Coordination requirements. Some methods can be used to repair the gear pump.