Eaton Char-Lynn Motor – The Difference Between 2 Ramjet Motors
Eaton Char-lynn Motor : What is the difference between a scramjet and a ramjet?

  In the supersonic field, both are designed for experimental motors with speeds greater than sound speed. They are jet motors with no moving parts, relying on supersonic airflow to enter the motor to generate tremendous pressure to ignite the fuel, without the compressors and turbines used in turbofan motors used on conventional jets.

  In ramjet motors, the combustion chamber – air is mixed with fuel and ignited – works only at subsonic speeds. Therefore, the intake air decelerates the air, releasing some energy as a shock wave, but this reduces fuel efficiency. The scramjet is an innovation in ramjet motors in which the combustion chamber is specifically designed for supersonic airflow. Scramjet is just an acronym for ‘Supersonic Combustion’ ramjet motors