Piston Pump Manufacturers – Piston Pump Features Of Different Materials

The materials used to design the piston pump depend primarily on the application of the pump. The outer casing and cylindrical material must be of sufficient strength and must withstand the conditions of the adjacent operating environment. Materials in contact with the pumping medium need to be resistant to any rust caused by the liquid. The piston pump manufacturer discusses some of the types of materials used in this pump.

Cast iron has high tensile strength, robustness and scratch resistance, which is equivalent to high rated force.
Plastic materials are inexpensive and have the ability to resist rust and chemical attack.
Stainless steel alloys and steels have rust and chemical resistance and they have excellent tensile strength compared to plastics, which is equivalent to excellent pressure ratings.
Other types of materials used to design pumps include aluminum, brass, bronze, ceramics, and nickel alloys.

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