Application: all kinds of vertical and horizontal injection machines, extrusionmachines, injection machine, bakelite machine, rubber tube, blownfilm machine, etc.

Processing range: Dual alloy screw: diameter: Φ15mm -Φ360mm;Effective length: 10000mm
Dual alloy material tube: inner diameter 14mm -Φ200mm;Effective length: 6000mmSkin membrane density: 98-99.8%Hardness: Hv1100-1400℃Sticky strength: more than 10000Psi
Bimetallic barrel material: 38CrMoAlA、40Cr、42CrMo
Bimetallic screw material: 38CrMoAlA、31CrMoV9(foreign)

Screw / Barrel alloy powder (iron / nickel base):

GK – A: special-purpose alloy
GK – B: high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, good
toughness, good crack resistance
GK – C: high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance
GK – D: high wear resistance

Field of application:suitable for LCP, PA + GF, PET + GF, PBT + GF, PC + GF all kinds of plasticadditives such as glass fiber, fire-proof agent, carbon powder and PPA, PPO,LCP, magnetic powder, special engineering plastics, such as PC.