Parker Gear Pump – Gear Pump Repair: 3 Points
When we use the gear pump, we can’t avoid the wear of the gear pump, so there are many problems, so we have to learn the most common maintenance technology for the gear pump. With the problem to be able to make an accurate judgment, then Parker Gear Pump will tell you the most common maintenance technology:

1. Maintenance of the working plane: If the working plane of the pump cover is relatively small, you can eliminate the wear marks by yourself grinding, that is, put a little valve sand on the platform or thick glass plate, then put the pump cover on it for grinding until Wear marks are worn off and the work surface is flat. If the working surface of the pump cover wears more than 0.1 mm, it is necessary to turn the grinding to repair.

2. Maintenance of the drive shaft bushing hole: The repair of the drive shaft bushing hole on the pump cover is repaired in the same way as the wear of the housing drive shaft bushing hole.

Repair of the inner cavity of the pump casing: After the inner cavity of the pump casing is worn, it is repaired by the inner cavity inserting method, that is, the inner cavity is enlarged and then cast with cast iron or steel bushing. After the insert is set, the inner cavity is smashed to the required size, and the bushing of the extended end face is ground away, and the joint surface of the pump casing is flush.

3. Valve seat maintenance: The pressure limiting valve has two kinds of ball valve and plunger valve. After the spherical seat is worn, a steel ball can be placed on the valve seat, and then the steel ball is gently tapped with a metal rod until the ball valve is in close contact with the valve seat. If the seat is severely worn, it is necessary to ream the wear marks and then use the upper method to make them close. After the plunger seat is worn, a small amount of valve sand can be placed for grinding and grinding until it is tight.

The above is about the most basic part of the gear pump maintenance, we may encounter other problems in the process of application, we have to seriously explore these different issues to find out where the problem lies. s reason.