RO Filter System Mode

  5 Stages RO Filter System

  . PP Filter (PP Sediment Filter)

  . UDF/GAC (Granular Carbon Filter)

  . CTO (Block Carbon Filter)

  . RO Membrane

  . T33 (Post Inline Carbon Filter)

  Note: Number 1, 2 & 5 are must have if you choose to have 3 filters inside.

  Model Code:

  YLR1- (Electronic cooling with storage cabinet)

  YLR2- A (Compressor coolir with storage cabinet)

  YLR2- B (Compressor cooling with refrigerator cabinet)

  Main Feature:

  Storage Cabinet (Optional)

  Refrigerator Cabinet (Optional)

  Electronic Cooling (Optional)

  Compressor Cooling (Optional)

  Appearance Colour (Optional)

  Minor Protection Design


  Heating Input 500W

  Heating Capacity 5L/H; 85-95°C

  Cooling lnput(Compressor/Electronic) 95W/110W 75W

  Cooling Capacity(Compressor/Electronic) 2L/H; 6-10°C 0.75L/H; 10-15°C

  Packing Size: 350*330*1070mm

  Qty/40HQ: 476pcs

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